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Okanogan Outstanding Biodiversity Features

  • Large tracts of little disturbed land. Much of the Okanogan ecoregion’s vegetation remains in a natural, or at least semi-natural, state. It hosts 100 wildlife habitat types, from alpine grasslands and upland aspen forests to shrub-steppe.
  • North meets south in a diverse landscape. Boreal species like snowshoe hares and northern flying squirrels share the ecoregion with Great Basin species like pallid bats and burrowing owls.
  • Park-like stands of ponderosa pine and Douglas-fir. The Okanogan’s dry climate results in open grassy stands of ponderosa pine and Douglas-fir.
  • Wide-roaming carnivores still find a home. Though diminished in numbers, grizzly bears, wolves, and wolverines all range through large areas of Okanogan wild lands.

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