Conservation Lands

Over the past two decades, the approach to conservation in the United States has shifted. No longer seen as principally the responsibility of the federal government, land protection is now more likely to result from innovative partnerships among communities, land trusts, private landowners, sportsmen, recreationists,corporations, non-profits, and federal, state, and local governments. 

And even as these diverse individuals act locally, they are thinking and planning their actions at ever-larger scales. Sound science, strategic support tools, and landscape-scale planning enable them to address complex issues while integrating well-managed human use of the land into the conservation agenda.

Whether publicly or privately owned, the emerging network of America's conservation lands comprise a common wealth. These natural and cultural resources provide us with clean air and abundant water, food, fiber, and fuel. They provide critical plant and wildlife habitat and sustain human health and economic well-being. Giving us room to roam and places to hunt, fish, hike and play -- they enrich our lives and nourish our spirits.

As we move through our beta phase, we'll add more material here on: 

  • Recreational Lands
  • Urban Parks and Green Space
  • Natural Lands

Types of Conservation Lands

  • Parks and Protected Areas

    Author Jonathan Adams notes, "Parks and protected areas remain the bedrock of conservation efforts worldwide, and for good reason. Parks work. Parks are about hope. But too often the parks are symbols of fear and despair, statements not about the future but about attempts to hold back the tide of change."

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  • Working Farms, Forests, and Ranches

    Lands that provide livelihoods and sustain communities play a crucial and productive role in conserving healthy habitats and rare and common plants and animals alike.

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