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Since launching with stories, photos, maps, and other information focused on five pilot states--Colorado, Florida, Maine, Virginia, and Washington--LandScope has been steadily increasing its coverage across the rest of the national conservation landscape.

LandScope includes stories, photos, and a summary on important conservation initiatives and key partners in every state, and nationwide maps help highlight relevant priorities, protected areas, and other themes. Inform and inspire your own efforts by finding your state in the list below, or browse those highlighted at the top for a greater depth of state-specific coverage.

Featured States

  • LandScope Colorado

    We are drawn naturally to Colorado's mountains, their magnificent scale, their commanding presence. Most human intervention leaves mountains fundamentally unscathed. To really know Colorado, however, we have to look close. At smaller scales, human impact can be greater, human interaction more moving. Look, live, and know it better.

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  • LandScope Florida

    Florida is home to a remarkable variety of natural ecosystems: stunning white sand dunes, timeless cypress swamps, subtropical hammocks and rocklands, vast dry prairies, sandhills, scrubs and more. These areas provide habitat for an amazing array of species, including as many as 300 plants, 40 vertebrates and 400 invertebrates found nowhere else in the world.

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  • LandScope Maine

    Maine is a land rich in contrasts ranging from the boreal to the temperate, freshwater to saltwater, upland to wetland, alpine to lowland. The state owes its enormous natural variety and biological wealth to its 17.5 million acres of vast forests, rugged mountains, thousands of lakes and ponds, wetlands, rivers and streams, thousands of miles of bold coastline, and coastal islands and ledges.

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  • LandScope Virginia

    From its river, bay and sea shores in the east to the Appalachian highlands in the west, Virginia harbors a wealth of natural and cultural riches.

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  • LandScope Washington

    Washington has a remarkably rich natural heritage, rivaled by few places in the world. From pounding surf to alpine meadows, from ancient rainforest to sagebrush desert, our state boasts an incredible diversity of ecosystems and species.

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  • LandScope Pennsylvania

    Pennsylvania, which means "Penn's Woods," is still 60% forested, and located at an ecological crossroads, meaning that it plays an important role in conserving many diverse species and habitats.

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  • LandScope New York

    New York's varied, wide-reaching terrestrial and myriad freshwater and coastal ecosystems are home to an incredible array of life.

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  • Maryland

    Maryland's concurrence of northern and southern species and habitats creates an amazing breadth of ecological diversity within the ninth-smallest state in the nation.

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  • LandScope Delaware

    The First State offers a unique setting for conservation with its two major--and very distinct--watersheds: the Chesapeake Bay to the west and the Delaware River to the east.

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