Conserve Land

Conservationists can protect private lands through a variety of different tools and strategies, which in turn can find support from a panoply of public resources and incentives. The most fitting approach for any individual project depends on both the circumstance and resources at hand. 

Tools for Land Protection

  • Conservation Easements

    The use of conservation easements -- a voluntary, legally binding contract that limits specific uses or types of development -- has enabled private landowners to protect millions of acres of land while providing public benefits in perpetuity.

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  • Land Purchase and Acquisition

    Land trusts and landowners often utilize fee-simple land purchases to conserve land because they ensure that family lands will be protected in perpetuity.

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  • Federal Programs and Resources

    Depending on the needs and uses of their lands, private landowners can leverage a variety of federal incentives for conservation as part of their overall funding "quilt."

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  • Management Agreements

    Management agreements are often carried out with the assistance of a land trust and can enable landowner can continue to live on and manage their land, even though title may have been transferred to the land trust.

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