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Programs and Resources in Washington

Conservation efforts in Washington are supported by a wide range of programs. Landowner incentives, conservation markets, and stewardship tools such as conservation easements and transfer of development rights are some of the avenues that hold the most promise to encourage landowner participation.

Incentive Programs
More than 70 governmental and foundation programs offer some form of incentive to private landowners in Washington to promote conservation activities on their land. Incentive programs are typically categorized as:

  • Direct financial incentives, including grants, subsidized loans, cost-shares, and leases.
  • Indirect financial incentives such as property or sales tax relief.
  • Technical assistance, including referral services, education and training, and design assistance.
  • Recognition and certification for products or operations.

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Conservation Markets
Conservation markets are financial markets for restoration and conservation “products” produced on private land. The demand often originates with a regulation or mandate that requires a conservation action to compensate for environmental damages.

For example, the largest conservation market in the world—although not yet a market in Washington—is that for carbon credits. It is driven by regulations on greenhouse gas emissions under the Kyoto protocol. Other markets are driven by water quality compliance and environmental mitigation requirements.

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Stewardship Tools
These tools are primarily ownership and management options that can be applied to address stewardship needs. They include:

  • Land sale or exchange
  • Conservation easements
  • Transfer or purchase of development rights

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Featured Programs and Resources in Washington

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