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One of the many intangible rewards for those engaged in conservation is a greater sense of connectedness -- both with the natural world and with colleagues who share our hopes and aspirations for the world we inhabit. LandScope America provides a platform for linking up with conservation practitioners, policy makers, partners, and local supporters across the country.

  • Find Land Trusts and Conservation Groups

    Land protection today has become more collaborative and participatory, turning its back on the days of increasing specialization and professional fragmentation. Look here to learn more about the land trusts, conservation groups, agencies, and departments at work in the places that matter to you.

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  • Find Conservation Projects

    Using LandScope, you can map and track on-the-ground conservation projects and actions.

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  • Contribute Data

    Have data you think you'd like to share through LandScope America? Here's the download on what we do with data, how to get us to consider data for inclusion and republication, and other resources for sharing your geospatial data online.

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  • Share Your Stories and Photos

    We'd like to enlist your help in building out LandScope America's catalog of special places and conservation successes. Learn how you can share yourphotos on our map viewer...

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  • Submit an Organizational Profile

    Extend your organization's outreach to your local, regional, and and national conservation constituencies.

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  • Read Conservation News

    Keep up to date on conservation news, projects, and policies across the U.S. and beyond with our aggregated news feed.

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