This Land is Our Land  

America the beautiful:  here is a continent as diverse as our people.  This land spans tundra and tallgrass, forest and plain, mountain and shore.  We are rich with freshwater and salt, great lakes and silent ponds, moody marshes and swamps loud with birdsong.  From the Gulf Coast to the Great Plains, Atlantic to Pacific, our natural heritage is captured in song and story and in the national imagination.

Many of these magnificent places are already protected and conserved as the common wealth of our people. But each year, many more are lost. In fact, the United States loses about 2 million acres of open space each year to development—that’s nearly  6,000 acres a day. Citizens from across the political spectrum recognize the need to protect these cherished natural places, as well as the open spaces of our working farms, forests, and ranches. 

LandScope America is a guide to these great places and how we the people can help protect them.

NatureServe and the National Geographic Society have embarked on a long-term initiative to develop the premier online conservation and educational resource for the land-protection community and the public. The result, we hope, will both inform and inspire conservation of America’s incomparable lands and waters.


  • Overview of Features

    LandScope America uses an interactive map viewer to bring together maps, data, photos, and stories and provides useful tools and resources for strategic conservation planning and priority-setting.

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  • Putting LandScope to Use

    Who are you? A land trust volunteer? Farmer, rancher or private forest landowner? Local government planner or state or federal official? Natural resources manager? Foundation officer? Or just someone who loves the outdoors? Whatever drives your interest in natural places, LandScope America is for you!

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