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Featured Places in Washington

The places featured here are success stories in progress. Each site has high conservation value and conservation actions underway. 

However, there is more work to be done at each of these sites. Explore these places to learn why they’re important, what’s being done to help conserve them, and to learn about on-going activities and opportunities to get involved.

Washington's Featured Gems

  • South Puget Sound Prairies

    Created by retreating glaciers and sustained by native peoples, the rare prairies and oak woodlands of the South Puget Sound remain dependent on human activity to preserve them.

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  • Klickitat River Corridor

    The Klickitat River runs through the East Cascades ecoregion, where coniferous forest transitions to oak woodlands and open shrub-steppe and grasslands.

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  • Moses Coulee

    Here in the spectacular Columbia Plateau we are protecting and restoring the fabled sagebrush country of wide-open skies, dramatic geology and amazing shrub-steppe species.

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