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LandScope America—a collaborative project of NatureServe and the National Geographic Society—is a new online resource for the land-protection community and the public. By bringing together maps, data, photos, and stories about America’s natural places and open spaces, our goal is to inform and inspire conservation of our lands and waters.

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LandScope America is a unique collaborative effort of, for, and by the conservation community. Thank you to the hundreds of partners who are already helping. 

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Live oaks in oak hammock, ABRP

© Rob Sheppard

Apalachicola River Basin

The Apalachicola River basin is a geographic area in the Florida Panhandle that drains a watershed of some 20,000 square miles. The northern reaches of this basin include a dramatic landscape of steep bluffs and deep ravines, making these some of the most significant natural features of the southeastern Coastal Plain.

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