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The changing face of land protection has stimulated the emergence of innovative approaches and strategies to conservation that shape new models while leverage existing resources. Learn how you can bring them to bear on the places you want to protect.

As we move through our beta phase, we'll add more information here about other emerging conservation strategies like: 

  • Carbon Credits
  • Community-Sponsored Agriculture
  • Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services
  • Management Agreements
  • Water Resource Credits

Learn About Conservation Innovations

  • Documenting and Protecting Biodiversity on Land Trust Projects

    Subtitled "an introduction and practical guide," author, this new title by land trust staffer, and wildlife biological Christopher Wilson helps practitioners, landowners, and scientists share a common vision of what biodiversity is and how best to document and conserve it.

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  • Mitigation Banks

    Mitigation banks are a regulatory innovation that provide a means of compensating for the negative impact of planned development activities in advance. Thus far, the use of mitigation banks has been limited largely to wetlands.

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  • Conservation Development

    Conservation development refers to an approach that combines new residential construction and land protection and generates revenue while accomplishing conservation goals.

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