Conservation Financing

In its simplest terms, conservation finance is the process of raising and managing money for conservation projects. Easily said  -- less easily done.

Whether you're pursuing a public bond or tax measure, private capital, or secured loans, we'll outline the major classes of financing mechanisms, from traditional and emerging sources, and share success stories whose lessons you can apply in your own work. Summaries of major nationwide funding resources and incentives will explain each program's focus in clear language to help you navigate the alphabet soup of different initiatives and clarify those that apply to your projects.

As we move through our beta phase, we'll add more information here about other emerging conservation strategies like: 

  • Foundation Grants and Program-Related Investments
  • Private Donors and Conservation Buyers
  • Transfer Fees
  • Voluntary Surcharges


Conservation Financing Tools

  • In Crisis, Opportunity: Conservation Finance in the Downturn

    Despite the economic meltdown and the tanking real estate market, conservation values endure. Critical parcels are now at their lowest prices in decades -- but how do you pay for them? Finding the money and using it well is conservation finance.

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  • Tax and Bond Initiatives

    Given extensive competition for state and federal funds, primary responsibility for funding conservation programs often rests with local governments, through approval of local tax or bond legislation or ballot measures.

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  • Federal Programs and Resources

    Depending on the needs and uses of their lands, private landowners can leverage a variety of federal incentives for conservation as part of their overall funding "quilt."

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  • State Funding for Land Protection

    Learn about the methods and sources for state-funded land protection across the United States.

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More Resources on Conservation Financing

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