Priority Places

Many magnificent places across the U.S. have benefited from land protection and conservation efforts, creating a common wealth that we share, far and near. 

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Featured Places

  • Apalachicola River Basin

    Though it faces threats from afar, the Apalachicola River Basin is a national hotspot of biodiversity with well over 1,000 native plants and animals and numerous endemic species that exist only in this region.

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  • Appalachian Trail Conservancy

    Protection of land along the Appalachian Trail (A.T.) has been a priority for Trail managers ever since the Trail was established, and we have worked with state and federal agencies since 1982 to protect the lands surrounding the A.T. This has resulted in one of the most significant and successful land acquisition programs in the United States, and today there is a 250,000 acre greenway around the Trail that connects significant public lands in the eastern United States.

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  • Maryland

    Maryland's concurrence of northern and southern species and habitats creates an amazing breadth of ecological diversity within the ninth-smallest state in the nation.

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  • North Carolina

    Many Americans know North Carolina for the natural areas located at its opposite ends. Both the cool, lush-green mountains of the fog-shrouded southern Blue Ridge Mountains and the Outer Banks' slender necklace of barrier islands host millions of visitors each year. The state, though, includes a distinctive collection of ecological treasures between these regions as well.

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  • South Puget Sound Prairies

    Created by retreating glaciers and sustained by native peoples, the rare prairies and oak woodlands of the South Puget Sound remain dependent on human activity to preserve them.

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  • Laramie Foothills Mountains to Plains

    A unique partnership between public agencies, land trusts and private landowners has protected over 29 square miles of shortgrass prairie and shrublands with an astonishingly rich natural and cultural heritage.

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  • Clinch River Valley

    The nation's leading hotspot of aquatic diversity lies amidst the ancient Appalachian ridges of southwest Virginia's Clinch River Valley, where the fast-flowing Clinch and Powell rivers provide habitat for dozens of rare fish and mussels.

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  • Kennebec Estuary

    Containing over 20 percent of the state's tidal marshes, this unique inland freshwater tidal delta provides hundreds of miles of critical habitat for shorebirds, wading birds, migratory fish, and other water-dependent species -- including us.

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  • Crown of the Continent

    The Crown of the Continent Ecosystem is a vast protected area comprised of parts of northern Montana, southeastern British Columbia and southwestern Alberta.

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  • Gulf Coast

    The Strategic Conservation Assessment of Gulf Coast Landscapes project is a collaborative effort catalyzed by the Department of the Interior that capitalizes on the capacity of the private, state, and federal partnerships in the Gulf Coast Region (GCR)

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  • Chesapeake

    The effort to restore the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed has garnered national interest and attention for several decades. But the unique character of the Chesapeake watershed and its direct impact on millions of people is what makes its restoration and protection so critical.

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