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Texas General Land Office

Founded after the Texas Revolution in 1836, the General Land Office is truly remarkable.  It is constitutionally charged with the responsibility of managing our state resources for the benefit of public education. It is the only state agency that makes more than it spends – earning hundreds of millions of dollars for the Permanent School Fund on a budget of $46 million. It is an agency which on any given day, might be taking care of a World War II veteran in Big Spring, cleaning up an oil spill off the coast of South Texas or showing Stephen F. Austin’s original handwritten field notes from the 1830s to a group of schoolchildren in our Austin office.  Whether helping to renourish a beach on Galveston Island or monitoring wind data high in the mountains of West Texas, the General Land Office is proud to serve the people of Texas.

Yet apart from our diverse mission and multi-faceted responsibilities, the Land Office is remarkable for another reason: our people.  The Land Office is staffed by hard working, dedicated employees who understand our role of serving the public as stewards of our environmental and historical heritage, and providing significant revenue for public education.

The Land Office has a positive effect on millions of Texans every day, yet remains one of the least known agencies in state government.  We hope to change that.

From 1836 to today, the Texas General Land Office is working hard for all Texans.

Mission Statement

The Texas General Land Office serves the schoolchildren, veterans, and all people of Texas by preserving their history, protecting their environment, expanding economic opportunity, helping communities rebuild after disasters, and maximizing state revenue through innovative administration and prudent stewardship of state lands and resources.

Agency Philosophy

The staff of the Texas General Land Office consider innovation, creativity, and imagination to be part of our basic duty. We will accomplish our tasks using the highest standards of efficiency, professionalism, ethics, fairness, and friendliness toward those we serve -- the citizens of Texas -- and among those with whom we serve -- our co-workers.

Our people are our most valuable asset. We will support their personal and professional growth and fulfill our responsibility to reflect the rich diversity of Texans in our composition and our understanding. Quality will mark every product and every system and process. Inclusion will be a benchmark of good governance and policy, and we will consider differing opinions from competing interests in our continuing efforts to further the common good.

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