Desert Evening at Big Bend, by Louis Vest
© Louis Vest (LandScope Texas Banner)

Texas A&M Forest Service

Texas A&M Forest Service (TFS), part of the land-grant university system, has been providing statewide leadership in protecting forests, trees, and related natural resources since 1915. In partnership with other agencies, Texas A&M Forest Service provides programs to assist communities across Texas with protecting their properties and ensuring forest lands remain healthy and productive.

TFS is also one of the lead agencies for incident management in the state. From the initial response to ongoing recovery, the agency strives to protect Texas from wildfire and other types of disasters. TFS does this by not only fighting wildfire and responding to incidents, but also by building capacity and increasing public awareness about community protection and wildfire prevention.

Texas A&M Forest Service provides statewide leadership to assure the state’s trees, forests and related natural resources are protected and sustained for the benefit of all.

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