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Programs and Resources

Texas boasts numerous programs and resources to assist in the conservation of land, water, and wildlife habitat in the state. With over 90 percent of land in Texas in private ownership, there are many voluntary tax incentive programs for private landowners who manage and protect their lands to support conservation.

Featured Programs and Resources

  • Wildlife Habitat Assessment Program

    The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's Wildlife Habitat Assessment (WHAB) Program provides online information to assist project developers in identifying, evaluating, and addressing potential impacts to natural resources of conservation concern in Texas.

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  • Landowner Incentive Program

    The Texas Landowner Incentive Program (LIP) is a collaborative effort between Texas Parks and Wildlife and Inland Fisheries Divisions to meet the needs of private, non-federal landowners wishing to enact good conservation practices on their lands.

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  • Texas Farm and Ranch Lands Conservation Program

    The Texas Farm and Ranch Lands Conservation Program assists private landowners in protecting land from development, and maintaining their land under private ownership and in agricultural production.

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  • 2013 Lone Star Land Stewards

    by Mike Cox
    Two land owners, two organizations and a mining company were named to the 2013 Lone Star Land Steward program for their efforts in rejuvenating native habitat and wildlife across Texas.

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  • Texas Nature Tracker

    Through Texas Nature Trackers projects, the public can learn how to gather data about various species found on public lands or on their own property.

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