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Foundations and Corporations

A number of national and regional foundations provide grants to organizations and individuals for environmental and educational projects. Many corporations and local companies also have their own giving programs, which make grants to worthy environmental, educational, or social service projects.

The focus is usually on community service and public resources, but private landowners might be considered for grants in some instances. One situation might be when a landowner wants to take special measures to protect critical wildlife habitat on their property. Another might be when private lands would be used to promote research or education for students.

Chances of getting a grant are often improved if the proposed project demonstrates partnerships with conservation groups or government agencies or multiple landowners. Eligibility requirements, application procedures, visibility, and funds vary widely among foundations and corporations.

Local businesses are often interested in projects that improve their own communities and benefit their employees. If you know an employee of a particular business, ask them to help you identify the right decision maker in the company to have a personal conversation with regarding your project proposal.

For more information on foundation grants and corporate giving programs, the following resources may be helpful:

The Foundation Center

The Foundation Center's mission is to strengthen the nonprofit sector by advancing knowledge about U.S. philanthropy. They publish The Foundation Directory Online.  

The Municipal Research & Services Center

The Municipal Research & Services Center (MRSC), a non-profit, independent organization in Washington, has the mission of "working together for excellence in local government through professional consultation, research and information services." Its website includes a page on Grant Resources for Washington Local Governments. 

Philanthropy Northwest

The mission of Philanthropy Northwest is to promote effective philanthropy in the Northwest states. It is an association of community, private and public foundations, corporations and individuals committed to improving the quality of life. They offer technical assistance, information, consulting, and networking to both established and emerging grantmaking institutions and philanthropists. 

The Washington Foundation Databook

The Washington Foundation Databook & CD list 1,991 Washington foundations, with comprehensive profiles of the largest 375. It also contains a categorical listing of the 20,000 grants awarded to mostly Washington nonprofit organizations for the most recent year on record.

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