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Agriculture Certification

Here are some certification programs that promote sustainable farming and a healthier environment.  These labels can also  enhance profits for farmers.

Country Natural Beef (Oregon Country Beef)

The purpose of Country Natural Beef / Oregon Country Beef is to provide a simple, stable and profitable means for its members to produce for its consumer market. Members strive to market their livestock in a sustainable manner, take care of and respect the customers, communities, and lands that sustain us.

The Country Natural Beef cooperative is dedicated to raising cattle in harmony and balance with nature. Each family takes pride in honoring the principles of sustainable land management and in providing a natural choice. Country Natural Beef ranchers follow "graze well" principles for healthy cattle and healthy land, maintaining biological diversity.  

Food Alliance

Food Alliance is a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable agriculture by recognizing and rewarding farmers who produce food in environmentally friendly and socially responsible ways, and by educating consumers and others in the food system about the benefits of sustainable agriculture.

Food Alliance operates a comprehensive third-party certification program for sustainably produced food. Food Alliance Certified distinguishes foods produced by farmers, ranchers and food processors who use environmentally and socially responsible practices. They also have a Farm and Ranch Certification Program and a Handler Certification Program.  

Organic Certification

Organic certification is administered by the Washington State Department of Agriculture. Producers are required to integrate cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that foster the cycling of resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity. 

Puget Sound Fresh

Puget Sound Fresh is a project of the Cascade Harvest Coalition, a non-profit organization dedicated to local agriculture, partnering with local counties. It is a consumer education and product identification program.

Puget Sound Fresh educates consumers in 12 counties about the health and environmental benefits of buying and eating locally grown products. As part of the program, locally grown products are labeled with a Puget Sound Fresh sticker or banner. The program encourages area grocery stores and farmers markets to promote local produce and farm products. 


Organized by Stewardship Partners, the Salmon-Safe label is designed to show consumers that an agricultural product was grown with salmon in mind. Stewardship Partners works with farmers to promote sustainable practices that protect water quality and habitat for native salmon as well as other fish and wildlife. Dozens of agricultural products from now carry this label.

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