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Technical Assistance

Here we list technical assistance available from non-profit organizations, not from private vendors or contractors. 

Growing Wild Garden Consultations

The Growing Wild program offers a one-time on-site garden consultation for people interested in native plant gardening, low maintenance gardening, and landscaping for wildlife, in return for a donation. This Washington Native Plant Society program is available in King and Snohomish Counties.

Volunteers recruited from the Native Plant Stewardship classes and programs such as Master Gardeners perform the consultations. Their aim is to get each gardener enthused about enriching their plot of land for the benefit of native plants, wildlife, and people.  

Northwest Certified Forestry Program

The Northwest Certified Forestry Program offered by the Northwest Natural Resources Group (NNRG) provides resources and training for forest landowners. Courses include "Cost Effective Inventory and Monitoring," and "The Game of Logging." NNRG's mission is to promote innovative forest management strategies that improve the health of forest and freshwater ecosystems while increasing economic development in rural communities.

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