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Northwest Coast Terrestrial Wildlife

In the Northwest Coast ecoregion’s protected heights, the endemic Olympic marmot lives in alpine meadows. On lower slopes the Roosevelt Elk, considerably darker and larger than its Rocky Mountain cousin, lives in the old-growth rainforest. It is joined there by black bear, black-tailed deer, and the Northern spotted owl.

The ecoregion’s wetlands offer habitats for a wealth of species including the trumpeter swan, Van Dyke’s salamander, the Olympic mudminnow, and the Makah copper butterfly.

On the ecoregion’s southern edge, the Columbia white-tailed deer is on the endangered list. Other mammals considered of greatest conservation concern include the bat, Keen’s myotis, the Mazama pocket gopher, and the marten.

Animal Group

Approx. number of species
Reptiles and amphibians
Dragonflies and damselflies
Other insects
Yet to be determined
Other invertebrates
Yet to be determined


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