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Projects and Initiatives for Biodiversity Education

These projects and initiatives, currently underway, may reshape the biodiversity education landscape in Washington and beyond. They invite your participation.

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 Washington Projects

Curriculum for the Bioregion

Curriculum for the Bioregion has its home at the Washington Center for Improving the Quality of Undergraduate Education at The Evergreen State College. This new curriculum and faculty development initiative aspires to better prepare college students to live in a world where the complex issues of envrironmental quality, environmental justice, and sustainability are important, if not paramount.

E3 Washington

E3 Washington is an initiative to develop a comprehensive statewide environmental education plan. It aims to optimize environmental education for everyone who lives, learns, works, and plays in Washington State. The three Es are education, environment, economy.

Pacific Education Institute — District Partnerships

The Pacific Education Institute (PEI) partners with school districts across the state to incorporate natural science and social science into the curriculum. By working with school districts, PEI's goal is to give access to a network of professionals and proven curricula, while providing students and community members to become civically involved stewards of the natural world.

Funded in part by the Washington Biodiversity Council, the Pacific Education Institute developed a multifaceted approach to biodiversity education known as Schoolyard Biodiveristy Investigation. It is a tool that provides students with an opportunity to learn about biodiversity in a tangible and available environment - their own schoolyard.

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  National Projects

Biodiversity Project

Biodiversity Project develops communications strategies and provides resources. Their publications include: Ethics for a Small Planet: A Communications Handbook on the Ethical and Theological Reasons to Protect Biodiversity.

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