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Schoolyard Biodiversity Investigation

The Schoolyard Biodiversity Investigation is a tool that provides students with an opportunity to learn about biodiversity in a tangible and available environment—their own schoolyard.

Funded in part by the Washington Biodiversity Council, the Pacific Education Institute developed this multifaceted approach to biodiversity education as part of the Biodiversity Coastal Ecosystem Education Program (BCEE).

Whether a schoolyard is predominantly cement and lawn or contains a diverse garden or forest, students can investigate first-hand to develop a deeper understanding of biodiversity, ways to measure it, and the impact people have on it.

When students view their schools through a biodiversity lens, they gain new understanding of local ecosystems and habitats. This can help them understand conservation issues around the globe.

The educator guide provides exercises and information on:

  1. Introducing Biodiversity
  2. Mapping the School Grounds
  3. Conducting the Biodiversity Investigation

Appendices provide details, from a master list of materials needed to specific instructions and data sheets.

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