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General Resources for Biodiveristy Education

These are more general resources for biodiversity education. The first group is mainly for Washington state while the latter is applicable to a wider audience.

> Washington Resources
> National Resources

 Washington Resources

Washington State’s Report Card on the Status of Environmental Education

This 2004 report card, prepared at the request of the Washington State Legislature, summarizes the status of environmental education in Washington.

Environmental Education Association of Washington

The Environmental Education Association of Washington (EEAW) is the state's professional association for environmental educators and stakeholders. EEAW is dedicated to increasing the awareness of and support for environmental education in the state of Washington

Environmental Education Research

Two studies on environmental learning in Washington are available from Audubon Washington:

  • Environmental Education as a Tool for Improving Student Learning by Oksana Bartosh
  • Assessment of Environmental Learning Center Visitor Attitudes Toward Environmental Education by Karin Kraft

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 National Resources

The Environmental Literacy Council

The Environmental Literacy Council is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to helping citizens, especially young people, participate wisely in the environmental arena.

The Council gives teachers the tools to help students develop environmental literacy: a fundamental understanding of the systems of the world, both living and non-living, along with the analytical skills needed to weigh scientific evidence and policy choices. See their section on biodiversity.

The National Environmental Education & Training Foundation

Chartered by Congress in 1990, The National Environmental Education & Training Foundation (NEETF) is a private non-profit organization dedicated to advancing environmental education in its many forms. 

Its mission is to build a stronger future through environmental learning, with improved health, education, business, and ecological protection through innovative environmental learning. In 2005 they issued a report, Environmental Literacy in America.

The Society for Conservation Biology

With over 10,000 members world wide, the Society for Conservation Biology is an international professional organization dedicated to promoting the scientific study of the phenomena that affect the maintenance, loss, and restoration of biological diversity.

They have developed an extensive list of web pages to provide students, educators, and members of the public ready access to information and resources for conservation education.

“Teaching about biodiversity”

This digest(pdf document) of information from the Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) was published in 1998. It includes how biodiversity education fits into national science education standards as well as a list of research and resources.

Tree of Life project

The Tree of Life Web Project (ToL) is a collaborative effort of biologists from around the world. On more than 4000 webpages, the project provides information about the diversity of organisms on Earth, their evolutionary history (phylogeny), and characteristics. Teachers, learners, and science enthusiasts are invited to explore Life on Earth and share their learning.

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