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Biodiversity Education for Kids

Here are some activities and games to help kids learn about and enjoy biodiversity.

American Museum of Natural History: It takes All Kinds to Make a World

Find out how what on earth biodiversity is! How does biodiversity relate to what’s in your shopping bag? How can you SOS (Save Our Species)? The American Museum of Natural History website clues you in.

Celebrating Wildflowers Northwest Coloring Book

These wildflower illustrations were drawn and donated by Karl Urban at Umatilla National Forest in Oregon. They are great for coloring in and learning about the plants of Washington and the Northwest.

Seriously Sage-Grouse

Download an activity book for kids provided by the Natural Resources Conservation Service. It includes word search, a crossword puzzle, a page for coloring, etc. Topics include the natural history of sage-grouse, why they are endangered, and how to help them recover.

Salmon Sally’s Upstream Sprint

An online game from Rainforest Heroes. Help Salmon Sally get back to the river where she was born and swim upstream to the home of her friend Sappy, a young tree living in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest.

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