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We are drawn naturally to Colorado's mountains, their magnificent scale, their commanding presence. Most human intervention leaves mountains fundamentally unscathed. To really know Colorado, however, we have to look close. At smaller scales, human impact can be greater, human interaction more moving. Look, live, and know it better.  more >>

Lead Partners

  • Colorado Natural Heritage Program

    Colorado Natural Heritage Program is a conservation and research unit of the Warner College of Natural Resources, Department of Fishery and Wildlife Biology at Colorado State University. As a member of NatureServe's Natural Heritage Network, CNHP provides the foundation of biodiversity data in the state to promote the conservation of Colorado's valuable natural heritage.

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Featured Places in Colorado

  • Laramie Foothills Mountains to Plains

    A unique partnership between public agencies, land trusts and private landowners has protected over 29 square miles of shortgrass prairie and shrublands with an astonishingly rich natural and cultural heritage.

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  • Chico Basin

    The sandsage and shortgrass prairies of southeast Colorado harbor a rich and diverse array of plants and wildlife as well as a unique public-private partnership that sustains the regions ranching heritage.

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Colorado Natural Heritage Program
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