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Maryland’s natural resources – from the Appalachian Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean, from western forests to eastern shore farmland, from upland rivers to the great Chesapeake Bay, and from the wilderness to the urban park – are all essential components of a thriving economy, sustainable communities, and a healthy way of life for its citizens. This is as critical for industry and business as it is for families and individuals. And, while many acres have been protected through conservation to date, these accomplishments are simply not sufficient to meet the future needs of our state. To get where we need to be, to ensure future generations have access to local farms and food, places to experience nature, and green spaces to help support vibrant, resilient communities, a new path is necessary.

Maryland Environmental Trust and its new non-profit partner, Forever Maryland Foundation, aspire for land conservation to be acknowledged as a vital component of Maryland’s future identity and prosperity. We are preparing for a transformation that acknowledges the diversity of our state and the urgent need to connect all Marylanders to the benefits and inspiration of our beautiful lands and waterways. We want them to join the conservation movement. We want to engage them as good stewards. To bring this vision to reality calls for dramatically strengthening Maryland’s land trust community. It calls for marshaling new financial and human resources. We are committing ourselves to the innovative solutions that will be required.

Maryland Environmental Trust’s successful work for more than 50 years, always with and through local land trusts, local governments, landowners and non-profits, has prepared us to lead Maryland’s conservation movement in this period of great challenge and opportunity. We are moving toward a new vision of environmental sustainability that will protect our natural resources and enhance the lives of our citizens and generations to come.


Conservation Overview

  • Maryland Conservation Summary

    The Maryland land conservation movement, and the many land trusts that are a part of it, must address a number of challenges that threaten to undermine the sustainability - and relavance- of the movement.

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Conservation Priorities in Maryland

  • Conservation Priorities in Maryland

    The Maryland Land Conservation Network serves as a diverse community of learning, innovation, and new connections for the land conservation movement in Maryland and beyond. This strategic program launches Forever Maryland as the voice and advocate for land trusts, MET, and other land conservationists.

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