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Maryland is a microcosm of nearly all of Earth’s major biomes: rugged mountains, expansive coastlines, tranquil countrysides, dense forests, and proud rivers. Within the Maryland land trust community, we recognize our profound fortune to live, work and explore such diverse landscapes in our beloved home state. However, the beautiful ecosystems we cherish are increasingly at risk from development and pollution. If we are to protect and preserve Maryland’s unique natural heritage, innovation and communication amongst land trusts, businesses and private individuals, is paramount.

This website is dedicated to fostering such collaboration. Maryland Environmental Trust, the state’s oldest and largest land trust, is committed to catalyzing these efforts through this LandScope forum. This website is intended for land trusts and individuals to communicate with one another; it serves as a space to share ideas, discuss technological innovations, provide support and latest mapping. Additionally, through this forum, land trusts are able to form community partnerships with businesses and individuals. By drawing upon the unique skills and perspectives of land trusts, businesses and citizens, we diversify and fortify our collective efforts to protect and honor Maryland’s natural treasures.


Conservation Overview

  • Maryland Conservation Summary

    The Maryland land conservation movement, and the many land trusts that are a part of it, must address a number of challenges that threaten to undermine the sustainability - and relavance- of the movement.

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Conservation Priorities in Maryland

  • Conservation Priorities in Maryland

    The Maryland Land Conservation Network serves as a diverse community of learning, innovation, and new connections for the land conservation movement in Maryland and beyond.

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