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This website is dedicated to facilitating collaboration among all who care about the health and quality of Maryland’s special places. Maryland Environmental Trust, the state’s oldest and largest land trust, is committed to catalyzing these efforts through this LandScope forum. This page is intended for private and public organizations engaged in land conservation to communicate with one another; it serves as a space to share ideas, discuss technological innovations, and provide support. Additionally, through this forum, we envision new partnerships being established and highlighted - between land trusts, community groups, businesses, public officials, and individual citizens. By drawing upon the unique skills and perspectives of diverse interests, we seek to fortify our collective efforts to protect and honor Maryland’s natural treasures. 

Conservation Vision

We envision a future where all Maryland’s lands and waters – mountain forests to ocean beaches, rural farms to city parks, sweeping rivers to tidal bays – are actively stewarded, appreciated, and enjoyed by all. We recognize that these attributes have the potential to connect all people, to the land and each other, in both intimate and profound ways. They are the key to the health of our economies and cultures, to our communities and families, and to our way of life – now and for future generations. Learn more

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Maryland Environmental Trust
100 Community Place
Crownsville, Maryland 21032

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Phone: 410-697-9525
Email: john.turgeon@maryland.gov

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