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Maryland is a microcosm of nearly all of Earth’s major biomes: rugged mountains, expansive coastlines, tranquil countrysides, dense forests, proud rivers. In addition, in many of our poorest communities, there lacks adequate green space for people to connect to the outdoors, recreate, garden, or reap the physical and spiritual benefits that nature provides. The proliferation of urbanization has provided niches for new micro-biomes to develop as unique urban greenspaces in our most robust cities. Within the Maryland land trust community, we recognize our profound fortune to live, work, and explore amidst such diverse environments in our beloved home state. Our natural landscapes and urban greenspaces remind us of our ever-present connection to the natural world, no matter where we reside, and call to us for protection in the face of mounting challenges. The beautiful ecosystems we cherish are increasingly at risk from development and pollution. If we are to protect and preserve Maryland’s distinct natural heritage, innovation and communication amongst land trusts, businesses, and private individuals is paramount.

This website is dedicated to facilitating such collaboration. Maryland Environmental Trust, the state’s oldest and largest land trust, is committed to catalyzing these efforts through this LandScope forum. This page is intended for land trusts to communicate with one another; it serves as a space to share ideas, discuss technological innovations, and provide support. Additionally, through this forum, land trusts are able to forge community partnerships with businesses and individuals. By drawing upon the unique skills and perspectives of land trusts, businesses, and citizens we diversify and fortify our collective efforts to protect and honor Maryland’s natural treasures. 

We envision a future where all Maryland’s lands and waters – mountain forests to ocean beaches, rural farms to city parks, sweeping rivers to tidal bays – are actively stewarded, appreciated, and enjoyed by all Marylanders. We recognize that these attributes have the potential to connect all of Marylanders in both small and profound ways. They are the key to the health of our economies and cultures, to our communities and families, and to our way of life – now and for future generations.

  • A green blueprint for action: From wildlands and working farms and forests to places in the city for people to connect with nature, parks, and culture, our work across all landscapes reflects the interconnectedness of our state’s natural resources. And ultimately, that people and the land must all strive to thrive together. 
  • Land conservation in action: Illustrates ways (both traditional and innovative new ways) that land conservation materially improves the economic and human health of communities. It is through the efforts of a vibrant, modernized land trust community that we are able to accomplish this.
  • Engaged communities: Shows a range of land trusts, rural community leaders and residents, vibrant rural and major town centers and creative examples of how conservation is working with – not against economic prosperity, and helping to address or be part of the solution for social challenges in communities. A key to this effort is supporting and
  • Economic development: Aiming to provide sustainable economic opportunities for our rural towns while improving the health of our landscapes, we seek and promote a range of initiatives, including innovative land-based businesses, historic and cultural programming, and outdoor recreational opportunities for all.
  • Increased access to outdoors: Help to support access to recreational, educational, and inspirational experiences of unique natural and cultural resources across the state in appropriate ways.
  • Voices: Reflects the unique voices and needs of people and communities, each place, reflects the needs and values of those who live here, and encourages active listening and authentic dialogue between land conservation groups and local communities.

Conservation Overview

  • Conservation

    The Maryland land conservation movement, and the many land trusts that are a part of it, must address a number of challenges that threaten to undermine the sustainability - and relavance- of the movement.

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Conservation Priorities in Maryland

  • Tools & Information

    The Maryland Land Conservation Network serves as a diverse community of learning, innovation, and new connections for the land conservation movement in Maryland and beyond.

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