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Conservation Overview

  • Vermont Conservation Summary

    Vermont is well known as the "Green Mountain State" for the northern extension of the Appalachians that extends up the center of the state, essentially dividing it in half and providing ample recreational opportunities and spectacular views. Perhaps less well known is that Vermont's real biological treasures lie on either side of these Green Mountains in the Connecticut River Valley, Lake Champlain Valley and the nearby Taconic Range. Through the efforts of its citizens and numerous organizations and agencies, Vermont will be able to protect and conserve these scenic landscapes and the diverse wildlife populations they support.

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Conservation Priorities in Vermont

  • Vermont Wildlife Action Plan

    Vermont's landscape is a tapestry of mountains, valleys, woods and wetlands that enriches the lives of those who live in and visit the state. It is this same landscape that provides habitat for thousands of species of plants and animals. The state's wildlife action plan identifies specific problems facing its wildlife and the habitats and landscapes upon which they depend. By addressing both species-specific and habitat/landscape needs, Vermonters can target conservation resources at the appropriate level to strategically conserve all of the state's wildlife.

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