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The LandScope America website is a work in progress. In addition to comprehensive nationwide information, like much of what you can already find via the map viewer, we will include extensive state-by-state information, found on state home pages like this one. Because Tennessee is one of many states where we are still working to develop all of the needed maps, stories and other content, currently you’ll find only summary information here. For an example of completed state content, visit the home pages of our five pilot states: Colorado, Florida, Maine, Virginia and Washington

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Conservation Overview

  • Tennessee Conservation Summary

    The varied topography and geology of Tennessee creates nearly 60 ecological systems, providing a diversity that extends beyond the state's iconic hills and mountains covered with hardwood trees, spring wildflowers, and its array of amphibians. Despite threats to this diversity from increasing development and invasive species, Tennessee conservation has been, and continues to be, a success story.

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Conservation Priorities in Tennessee

  • Tennessee Wildlife Action Plan

    Tennessee's diverse habitats support an unparalleled array of aquatic species, including amphibians, crayfish, snails and freshwater mussels, as well as numerous species of birds, reptiles and mammals that live in the state's Appalachian Mountains, Great Valley and rolling western plains. But Tennessee is also home to a growing human population that will require communities not only to plan for and meet the needs of its citizens but also to conserve and manage the land, water and rich wildlife resources that enhance the quality of life for all species throughout the state.

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