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The LandScope America website is a work in progress. In addition to comprehensive nationwide information, like much of what you can already find via the map viewer, we will include extensive state-by-state information, found on state home pages like this one. Because Wisconsin is one of many states where we are still working to develop all of the needed maps, stories and other content, currently you’ll find only summary information here. For an example of completed state content, visit the home pages of our five pilot states: Colorado, Florida, Maine, Virginia and Washington

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Conservation Overview

  • Wisconsin Conservation Summary

    With the recent glacial history of the state, it's perhaps not surprising that Wisconsin does not support a great number of endemic species, yet the state does provide significant habitat for many rare species, including the largest populations in the world of Karner blue butterflies. Through the continuing collaboration of public and private entities and individuals, Wisconsin will help conserve the numerous natural communities in the state and the wildlife--endemic, rare and common--that live there.

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Conservation Priorities in Wisconsin

  • Wisconsin Wildlife Action Plan

    The major issues faced by Wisconsin's wildlife are habitat loss and fragmentation, the introduction of non-native plants and animals, land use practices that reduce natural variety on the landscape, and a general lack of public knowledge about the diversity and importance of the species that call Wisconsin home. Through a landscape-scale perspective and cooperation with many agencies, organizations, and private individuals, the state's wildlife action plan lays out the issues affecting species and their habitats, and provides potential solutions to protect, manage, and enhance the state's natural resources.

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