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The LandScope America website is a work in progress. In addition to comprehensive nationwide information, like much of what you can already find via the map viewer, we will include extensive state-by-state information, found on state home pages like this one. Because Mississippi is one of many states where we are still working to develop all of the needed maps, stories and other content, currently you’ll find only summary information here. For an example of completed state content, visit the home pages of our five pilot states: Colorado, Florida, Maine, Virginia and Washington

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Conservation Overview

  • Mississippi Conservation Summary

    Mississippi's gentle topography presents an unassuming face to first-time visitors, but those who have spent time here know a different state: a land of startling variety, uncommon wildness and hidden natural treasures. This is a state in which wildness can truly be found around every corner, and that wildness encourages hope for a bright conservation future.

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Conservation Priorities in Mississippi

  • Mississippi Wildlife Action Plan

    While specific threats to wildlife vary greatly among Mississippi's diverse habitat types, urban and suburban development, incompatible forestry practices and stream-channel modification were identified in the state's wildlife action plan as high-priority issues for many of those habitats. The goal of the plan is to address those threats and others by providing guidance for the effective and efficient long-term conservation of Mississippi's biodiversity and engaging all stakeholders in balancing wildlife conservation needs with ongoing economic activities.

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