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Florida Communities Trust

Florida Communities Trust (F.C.T.) is Florida’s premier program for helping local communities preserve open space and recreational areas. Housed within the Florida Department of Community Affairs, the Trust provides Florida Forever funding through competitive grants to local governments and non-profit organizations to acquire lands for local green infrastructure.  Florida Communities Trust plays a critical role in the Department of Community Affairs’ mission to help communities meet the challenges of growth, support viable community development, and protect natural resources and open space.

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Programs and Projects:

Parks and Open Space

Florida Communities Trust Parks and Open Space Program is a state land acquisition grant program that provides Florida Forever funds to local governments and environmental non-profit organizations for acquisition of community based parks, open space, and greenways that further outdoor recreation and natural resource protection needs identified in local government comprehensive plans.  Matching and full grants for land acquisition projects are provided to communities through an annual competitive grant application cycle.

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The preservation of green space, including parks, open space, beaches and natural areas, is an important factor in creating livable communities. Housed within the Department of Community Affairs, Florida Communities Trust has improved the quality of life for Floridians by establishing a rich legacy of local and regional parks, conservation areas, public waterfront access areas, and greenways throughout the state.  The Trust’s Parks and Open Space Program makes approximately $63 million in Florida Forever funds available to local communities each year through a competitive grant application cycle.  These annually awarded grants help acquire land for community-based parks, open space, and greenways to further the outdoor recreation and natural resource protection needs identified in local government comprehensive plans.

The Trust is the only state land acquisition program available exclusively for projects selected by the local community. Another unique quality of the Florida Communities Trust Parks and Open Space Grant Program is that the local grant recipient rather than the state holds title to lands purchased through the Florida Forever funds made available by the Trust.  The parks and open spaces that have been created through the assistance of Florida Communities Trust are as diverse as the communities themselves.  From beachfront parks to urban green spaces, each of these wonderful locations offer a variety of passive and active recreation opportunities that allow Floridians and visitors a chance to experience the treasures of this state first-hand.

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