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Programs and Resources in Florida

Florida offers numerous programs and resources to support the active conservation community. The state’s largest conservation program, Florida Forever, provides funding to protect significant habitat, rare species, ecological greenways, water bodies, coastline and more. In addition, numerous state and local programs provide resources to promote conservation.

Featured Programs and Resources in Florida

Florida Forever Overview

Since 2000, the state of Florida has acquired over 600,000 acres of conservation land through Florida Forever, the world's largest conservation land buying program.  In 2008 the Florida Legislature renewed Florida Forever through 2020.

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Florida Forever DEP Program

The Florida Division of State Lands, Department of Environmental Protection, administers a $105 million/year Florida Forever program.

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Florida Communities Trust

Florida Communities Trust (F.C.T.) is Florida's premier program for helping local communities preserve open space and recreational areas. Housed within the Florida Department of Community Affairs, the Trust provides Florida Forever funding through competitive grants to local governments and non-profit organizations to acquire lands for local green infrastructure.

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Rural and Family Lands Protection Program

This program is designed to protect valuable agricultural lands and natural resources in conjunction with economically viable agricultural operations.

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 More Programs and Resources in Florida

Forest Legacy

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Landowner Assistance Program

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Coastal & Estuarine Land Conservation Program

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Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Program

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