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Conservation Partners

Florida’s conservation agencies and organizations work in partnership to target the best opportunities for conservation action and measure their success. These groups secure land for natural area preservation, manage the state’s resources for long-term health, protect the vitality of native species, and monitor the state of conservation efforts.

Featured Conservation Partners in Florida

  • Florida Natural Areas Inventory

    The mission of the Florida Natural Areas Inventory is to collect, interpret, and disseminate ecological information critical to the conservation of Florida's biological diversity.

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  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection

    FDEP is the lead state agency for environmental management and stewardship. Within the agency, the Division of State Lands, the Florida Park Service, and the Office of Greenways and Trails take lead responsibility for land conservation and management.

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  • Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

    The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is responsible for conserving and managing fish and wildlife, and their habitats. We meet this responsibility with a combination of research, management, recreational opportunities, outreach and law enforcement.

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  • The Nature Conservancy of Florida

    The Florida Chapter of The Nature Conservancy was created in 1961 and has since protected more than 1.2 million acres of our natural lands and waters. We protect and save conservation areas in which Florida's native plant and animal species are threatened within forest, freshwater and marine habitats.

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