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Plants and Animals

Florida hosts an amazing array of species, including nearly 700 vertebrates, more than 30,000 invertebrates, and more than 2,800 native plant species.

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Florida's Plants and Animals

  • Featured Plants in Florida

    Florida is one of the most botanically rich areas in the United States. The number of our native plant species-over 2,840-exceeds that of each of the other lower 48 states except for Texas and California.

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  • Featured Animals in Florida

    Florida supports an extraordinary diversity of animals. With roughly 700 species of freshwater and land vertebrates, and an even larger number of invertebrates and marine species, Florida is among the most biologically rich states in the U.S.

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  • Hotspots and Diversity

    Patterns of biological diversity are formed by a complex combination of geologic, climatic, and geographic circumstances. The myriad environmental conditions produced over millenia along with ecological and evolutionary influences have resulted in an astounding array of organisms in Florida.

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  • Conserving Plants and Animals in Florida

    Florida's citizens have supported numerous species-driven conservation efforts.

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More About Plants and Animals in Florida

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