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Threats and Issues for Florida

Although Florida's conservation successes are inspiring, the state faces many challenges.

Threats to Conservation in Florida

  • Altered Processes

    The alteration of natural fire regimes has resulted in a loss of ecological integrity, the decline of native species, changes in soils, and an increased risk of catastrophic wildfires due to the buildup of unnaturally high fuel levels.

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  • Invasive Species in Florida

    With more than 1,300 exotic plant species established and reproducing outside cultivation, the spread of invasive exotic species is a major challenge for Florida.

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  • Climate Change in Florida

    The global threat of climate change poses a particular challenge for Florida.

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  • Development Pressures

    The greatest long-term challenge to effective conservation in Florida is the projected doubling of the state's population between 2006 and 2060, which estimates suggest would result in seven million acres of additional development.

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  • Habitat Loss

    Over the past 100 years, wildlife habitat disappeared as natural lands were converted to agriculture, range lands, and expanding urban areas. It is estimated that within the next five decades as much as 7 million additional acres of Florida's rural and natural land could be converted to urban uses.

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  • Hydrologic Disturbances

    The health of Florida's aquatic ecosystems is threatened by hydrologic disturbances such as ditching and draining, fragmentation, and water quality degradation.

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