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Florida Forever Conservation Needs Assessment

The Florida Forever Conservation Needs Assessment is an analysis of the geographic distribution of natural resource conservation priorities for the Florida Forever program.  With funding from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, The Florida Natural Areas Inventory (FNAI) created or compiled GIS data layers for rare species habitat, natural communities, ecological greenways, large landscapes, significant surface waters, natural floodplain, functional wetlands, aquifer recharge, coastal resources, cultural resources, recreation, and sustainable forestry.  The resulting analysis establishes baseline protection status for each natural resource and provides a tool for guiding acquisition priorities and tracking progress in resource acquisition. 

The Conservation Needs Assessment is an objective, science-based analysis that uses the best statewide data currently available and represents the general consensus of many natural resource experts throughout Florida. With continued support from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, FNAI continually updates these data as new and better information becomes available.  The data are limited to only those issues that are performance measures of the Florida Forever program and should not be construed as the conservation priorities of FNAI.

In addition to providing decision support for the Florida Forever program, this work provides a foundation for many conservation planning efforts in Florida, including the Critical Lands And Waters Identification Project.

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Learn more about the Conservation Needs Assessment on FNAI’s website.

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