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Disappearing Landscapes

Florida contains impressive stretches of undeveloped land. However, despite conservation efforts throughout the state, many of Florida's unique natural systems are at risk. Learn about the remaining tracts of Florida's natural heritage.

Imperiled Ecosystems in Florida

  • Pine Rocklands and Rockland Hammocks in Florida

    Pine rockland and rockland hammock are unique natural communities found only in extreme southern Florida where limestone is at or very near the soil surface. Severely threatened by agriculture and development pressures, the current extent of these communities represents only a fraction - about two percent - of their historic range.

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  • Longleaf Wiregrass in Florida

    The longleaf pine/wiregrass ecosystem was once a dominant feature of the Southeastern Coastal Plain. The conversion of these natural communities to pine plantations, agricultural lands, residential areas and other types of development has reduced this ecosystem to a fraction of its historical range.

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  • Dry Prairie in Florida

    Dry prairie is a natural plant community of low shrubs and grasses occupying vast, level expanses of land. The open dry prairie is essential habitat for several rare animals, particularly Florida burrowing owls, Federally threatened crested caracaras, and endangered grasshopper sparrows. This community type is unique to Florida and is restricted to three major areas north and west of Lake Okeechobee.

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