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Conserving Ecosystems and Habitats in Florida

Florida has numerous conservation efforts directed at protecting and restoring ecological systems.


Nokuse Plantation Conservation Initiative

Nokuse Plantation is a 48,000 acre private conservation initiative in the Florida Panhandle conceptualized and funded by M. C. Davis and Sam Shine. It is designed to be both a model and a catalyst for future landscape level conservation projects, a key to preserving nature’s intrinsic biodiversity.

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Comprehensive Everglades Restoration

The Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP) provides a framework and guide to restore, protect and preserve the water resources of central and southern Florida, including the Everglades. The goal of CERP is to capture fresh water that now flows unused to the ocean and the gulf and redirect it to areas that need it most. The majority of the water will be devoted to environmental restoration, reviving a dying ecosystem. The remaining water will benefit cities and farmers by enhancing water supplies for the south Florida economy.

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Florida Wildlife Planning Strategies

1000 Friends of Florida and the Florida Wildlife Federation in cooperation with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have completed a multi-year project to develop a document addressing wildlife habitat planning, developmental design and best management practices directed at Florida communities and landowners.

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Florida Wetland Restoration Information Center

The goal of the Florida Wetland Information Center is to develop the framework for a statewide ecological restoration program for wetlands and their associated uplands using ecosystem management and ecological principles.

The Center has been developed to aid local governments and community organizations with their restoration efforts by providing online tools and research materials needed for the implementation and management of restoration projects.

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