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Iconic Ecosystems

Rivers of grass. Sugary sand beaches. Crystal clear springs. Explore wild Florida’s emblematic ecosystems.

Iconic Ecosystem of Florida

  • Florida Everglades

    A prominent and unmistakable feature of south Florida, the Everglades is a large, grassy, freshwater marsh intersected by tree islands and other diverse habitats. The wetlands form one of the largest and most complex ecosystems in North America, supporting an array of wildlife that includes alligators, Florida panthers and hundreds of species of birds.

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  • Florida Springs

    Among Florida's many natural wonders are its more than 700 springs, among the largest concentration on earth.

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  • Florida Coasts

    Most of Florida's 1,100-mile coastline is bordered by sandy beaches, about 50 percent of which exists in its natural condition. Recognizing the natural and scenic beauty of its coastlines and the value of protecting it natural coastal communities, the state of Florida is undertaking several key initiatives to protect this integral feature of Florida's landscape.

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