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Farm Service Agency

The Farm Service Agency (FSA) administers farm commodity, crop insurance, and conservation programs for farmers and provides loans for farm ownership and farm operations. FSA programs are primarily directed at agriculture producers. Farmers apply for programs and loans at county offices.

Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)

The Farm Service Agency manages this program for agricultural landowners in partnership with the Natural Resource Conservation Service. The Conservation Reserve Program is designed to protect environmentally sensitive farmland from erosion, to improve water quality, to reduce surplus farm commodities, and to improve wildlife habitat. Over one million acres are enrolled in eastern Washington and provide valuable wildlife habitat.

Two types of benefits are available: cost-sharing to establish protective cover; and annual rental payments to retire land from agricultural production for a period of 10 to 15 years. 

Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP)

The Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program is administered by the Farm Services Agency and the Washington State Conservation Commission. It provides incentives to restore and improve salmon and steelhead habitat on private land.

Projects stabilize stream banks, create shade to lower water temperature, provide a source of large woody debris to create ponds, reduce sediment, reduce chemicals and nutrients, and increase wildlife. Cost share is available for the installation of a riparian buffer (trees, shrubs, plantings), fencing, and animal watering stations.

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