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Florida Wildlife Federation

Our Mission

The Florida Wildlife Federation promotes the conservation, restoration, sound management, and wise and ethical use of Florida's natural resources through education and political advocacy, so that present and future Floridians may live, work, and pursue traditional outdoor activities in an outstanding natural environment.

About The Florida Wildlife Federation

The Florida Wildlife Federation is a private, statewide, non-profit citizens' conservation education organization composed of thousands of concerned Floridians and other citizens from all walks of life who have a common interest in preserving, managing, and improving Florida's fish, wildlife, soil, water, and plant life.

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Areas of Focus

Conserving Florida’s Wildlife Habitat

Wildlife needs wild places, protected from development and negative human impact. The Florida Wildlife Federation advocates for sound habitat conservation policies at the local, state, and national level; promotes the creation of Wildlife Habitats in schoolyards, communities, and backyards throughout Florida; and works directly with county governments throughout the state to implement land conservation measures.

Conserving Florida’s Wildlife by Mitigating Climate Change

One of the greatest threats to wildlife and habitat is the impact of climate change, and Florida is particularly at risk. The Florida Wildlife Federation promotes climate change solutions in Florida, working alongside industry, communities, and governments for green jobs and environmentally-sound policies that slow climate change and protect Florida.

Inspiring an Ethic of Environmental Stewardship in All Floridians

Conserving nature begins with a love of nature. The Florida Wildlife Federation inspires a love of the outdoors through environmental education programs, extracurricular activities for youth, and policies for ethical and sustainable hunting and fishing.

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