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South Puget Sound Prairies

Created by retreating glaciers and sustained by native peoples, the rare prairies and oak woodlands of the South Puget Sound remain dependent on human activity to preserve them. The region has become a hotbed of conservation activity for numerous partners, including local land trusts and community groups, conservation groups large and small, state and local governments, federal agencies, and the Department of Defense.

Stories from the South Puget Sound Prairies

  • The South Puget Sound Prairies

    by Chris Reiter
    Created by glaciers, maintained by fire, and long cultivated by human hands, the prairies of the South Puget Sound are a landscape with a tradition of land stewardship that stretches back thousands of years.

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  • Recovery of Candidate Species Ensures Continued Military Readiness

    by Hannah Anderson
    Working with its partners, Fort Lewis enacted an Army Compatible Use Buffer (ACUB) program aimed at recovery of four species of concern while simultaneously ensuring uninterrupted military training and readiness.

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  • Restoring the Endangered Taylor's Checkerspot Butterfly

    by Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies
    Efforts to restore the endangered Taylor's checkerspot butterfly and its imperiled prairie habitat embody cooperative conservation in Washington's wildlife action plan.

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