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Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program

The Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program provides grants to state agencies or local communities for a broad range of land protection, park development, farmland preservation, habitat conservation, and outdoor recreation activities.

It has two goals: to assist with rapid acquisition of the most significant lands for wildlife conservation and outdoor recreation before they are converted to other uses; and to develop existing public recreation lands and facilities to meet present and future needs.

Awards for acquisition or improvement of property fall into four categories: Habitat Conservation, Outdoor Recreation, Riparian Protection, and Farmlands Preservation. Tribal, state, and local governments are eligible for grants. Land trusts and other nonprofits have been successful partners with eligible public agencies.

WWRP requires prospective participants to complete an outdoor recreation/habitat conservation plan. Unless specifically excluded, all properties acquired and all lands developed must remain in the public domain in perpetuity or be replaced with a project of equal or greater value and utility.

The program can provide landowners with financial compensation and potential tax benefits in exchange for outright acquisition or long-term conservation easements by a government agency.

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