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Competitive Renewable Energy Zones


Provides a general idea of the Public Utility Commission (PUC) approved routes of the CREZ 345-kV transmission lines.

Data Layer Description


Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD)




This dataset, created in August of 2011, represents zones where transmission facilities provide renewable wind power energy. This file provides the approximate locations of the approved routes of the CREZ transmission line projects.  This file was created by Julie Wicker of TPWD in 2011 by extracting the approved routes from the individual shapefiles of all the studied routes and combining them into one file.  The original shapefiles of studied routes varied greatly in accuracy; some were from the working files of project designers, and others were digitized from paper maps. In many (if not all) cases, the studied routes were modified slightly based on landowner requests during the PUC legal proceedings, and those modifications were not provided to TPWD in digital format.  For example, if the studied route bisected a pasture, the affected landowner may have requested that the line instead follow their property line.  In many cases the transmission company would agree to the request but an updated shapefile would not be provided to TPWD.  Detailed descriptions of the modifications to the route are provided in the records of the legal proceedings available on the PUC Interchange websiteThe Docket number needed to look up the project on the interchange is provided as a field in the shapefile.

How to get the data layer

Contact the TPWD GIS Lab Manager, Kim Ludeke.

How you might make use of this data layer

A CREZ is an area where wind generation facilities will be installed and from which transmission facilities will be built to various other areas of the state to deliver renewable power to end-user consumers in the most cost-effective manner. The CREZ project is the PUC of Texas’ response to a public mandate to increase renewable energy in Texas to serve the electric needs in the state.

How to get more information

For more information visit the PUC of Texas CREZ Home Page.


Parks and Wildlife Department. August 2011. 

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