The Nature Conservancy - Pennsylvania

Our Mission
To preserve the plants, animals and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive.

Our Work
For more than 50 years, The Nature Conservancy has worked to protect Pennsylvania’s most important natural treasures for future generations. The Conservancy is working on exciting projects to conserve Pennsylvania’s forests, rivers and rare habitats.  Since establishing itself in Pennsylvania, the Conservancy has protected globally rare communities like the serpentine barrens along the southeastern Pennsylvania/Maryland state line and the vernal pools of the Minsi Lake Corridor in Northampton County. Such sites host a disproportionately large share of Pennsylvania’s globally rare species.

The Nature Conservancy’s scientists have also identified 3.6 million acres of Pennsylvania’s forests—about 22 percent—that form an indispensable minimum network of ecologically intact and economically productive forest lands.  Conservation of that 22 percent will sustain all of Pennsylvania’s forest types, and the species that depend on them. 

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