Conservation Priorities

Many organizations have shared the critically important task of determining the habitats and species most essential for preserving Pennsylvania's remaining green and wild spaces.  The assessments produced by these organizations provide valuable information about the state's most important remaining wild and green spaces and the most important species that inhabit them. Some assessments have included spatial components, identifying priority places for conservation. Others have focused on identifying priority species and ecosystems, or on identifying threats and/or conservation actions, without being spatially explicit.

Featured Conservation Priorities in Pennsylvania

  • Pennsylvania Wildlife Action Plan

    Sitting at an ecological crossroads, Pennsylvania plays an important role in conserving many diverse species and habitats. The state's wildlife action plan presents strategies and priorities at the species, habitat, and species-suite levels so that diverse stakeholders, regardless of their scale and scope of interest, can find meaningful recommendations for conserving Pennsylvania's wildlife and the habitats on which they depend.

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  • Conservation Priority Watersheds

    The Conservation Priority Watersheds dataset, developed as part of the Aquatic Community Classification project, highlights watersheds determined to be high priority for conservation based on the rare species, stream quality, and the fish, mussel and macroinvertebrate assemblages present.

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  • PNHP Natural Heritage Areas

    The Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program designates areas containing one or more plants or animals of concern at state or federal levels, exemplary natural communities, or exceptional native diversity as Natural Heritage Areas.

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  • Western Pennsylvania Conservancy Conservation Blueprint

    The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy's Conservation Blueprint portrays regional native conservation targets and prioritizes the most important opportunities for protecting and restoring native plants, animals, habitats, and ecosystems.

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