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Canada Lynx (Felis lynx canadensis)

The loup cervier, lucivee, and Indian devil are all names used by old-time Maine woodsmen for the elusive Canada lynx (Felis lynx canadensis). This is a secretive, forest-dwelling cat of northern latitudes and high mountains. It is medium-sized, similar in size to the bobcat, but appears larger because of its long legs. It has unique, long (over one inch), black tufts of fur on the ears and a short, black-tipped tail. (Bobcats have small tufts on the ears, and 3-4 black bars on the tail. The tip of the tail is black on top and white underneath.) The winter coat is light gray and faintly spotted, and the summer coat is much shorter and has a reddish-brown cast. Lynx have unusually large, densely haired feet to help travel over snow. Adult males average about 33½ inches long and weigh 26 pounds. Females are about 32 inches long and average 19 pounds. 

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