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Featured Places in Maine

The Featured Places highlighted here on LandScope Maine represent some of the richest concentrations of biological resources state-wide, while also providing excellent recreational and exploration opportunities, making them some of Maine’s real gems. 

The Featured Places of Maine were chosen from the Beginning with Habitat (BwH) Focus Areas. BwH Focus areas are natural areas of statewide ecological significance that contain unusually diverse and rich concentrations of at-risk species and habitats. The Featured Places highlighted here were selected for their wide diversity of at-risk species and landscapes and for their variety of ecological and recreational values.

Maine's Featured Gems

  • Kennebec Estuary

    Containing over 20 percent of the state's tidal marshes, this unique inland freshwater tidal delta provides hundreds of miles of critical habitat for shorebirds, wading birds, migratory fish, and other water-dependent species -- including us.

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  • Scarborough Marsh

    Scarborough Marsh is the largest contiguous tidal marsh system in the state of Maine.

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  • Camden Hills

    The summits, ledges, and forests of the Camden Hills form an ecologically rich area with high recreational and scenic values. Camden Hills State Park supports several natural communities of statewide significance. The Focus Area has large blocks of roadless forest, which are unusual in midcoast Maine.

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  • Kennebunk Plains - Wells Barrens

    Kennebunk Plains and Wells Barrens together comprise one of the top-priority conservation areas in the state of Maine.

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