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Programs and Resources in Maine

Maine's conservation community has numerous programs that support land-protection projects through incentives and cost shares. Learn more about these in-state resources to see if they can help protect the lands and waters you love.

Featured Programs and Resources in Maine

  • Beginning with Habitat

    Beginning with Habitat is designed to help local decision makers create a vision for their community and to design a landscape that accommodates the growth they need with the highest resources conservation. By beginning with habitat, towns and land trusts can also preserve water quality, open space for recreation, forestry, hunting and angling.

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  • Land for Maine's Future

    The concept behind the Land for Maine's Future (LMF) Program is simple. Lands that have exceptional natural or recreational value warrant permanent protection. With spreading development and changing land uses, Maine is at risk of losing many of the natural landscapes that residents cherish and that are so important to Maine's natural and cultural heritage as well as to its economic vitality. The LMF Program seeks to conserve these important settings.

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  • Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund

    These funds are derived from a state lottery and the loon drivers license plate. A small percentage of the funds can be used for acquisition of public lands, parks and wildlife conservation areas.

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  • Landowner Incentive Program

    Building on the tremendous success of Beginning with Habitat, the Maine Landowner Incentive Program, LIP, has initiated the planning necessary to implement the recommendations developed by Beginning with Habitat and other initiatives to conserve important habitats for rare, threatened, and endangered wildlife, plants, and natural communities in Maine. LIP funds are provided by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and are being used in Maine to initiate a landowner incentive program that offers a variety of tools to landowners for rare and endangered plants and wildlife habitat conservation including funds for conservation easements, cooperative management agreements and habitat management activities.

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  • Maine Forest Service - Woods Wise Program

    For help and information about owning and managing Maine land and trees, your best resource is the Maine Forest Service. With a history of public service that reaches back to the late 19th century, the Maine Forest Service is dedicated to keeping our woodlands healthy, productive, and beautiful. Our Foresters respect your wishes for your land and trees. We're here to give you practical advice, to share our expertise and to help you make informed decisions.

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  • Casco Bay Estuary Partnership - Important Habitat Protection Fund

    This grant program, funded by the Environmental Protection Agency through the locally-based Casco Bay Estuary Partnership, supports fish and wildlife habitat protection initiatives in the Casco Bay watershed.

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More Programs and Resources for Maine

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