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Featured Plants in Maine

Rare plants have no formal protection in Maine -- our rare plant legislation is for informational purposes only -- so the habitat in which these plants occur is important for their survival. Rare plant locations may occur outside of, or within documented MNAP Rare and Exemplary Natural Communities. Rare plants are often components of documented natural communities and can be conserved in the context of these larger systems. Populations of rare plants outside of documented natural communities will require separate conservation actions.

Looking after Maine's botanical treasures is a task that is as large as this beautiful state.  MNAP receives generous help from the New England Wildflower Society (NEWFS) - Plant Conservation Volunteer Corps (PCVs) program.  The PCV program trains amateur field botanists to perform much-needed conservation work. These volunteers are integral to monitoring and managing rare and endangered plant species in Maine.

The Official List of Endangered and Threatened Plants in Maine is a list of native vascular plant species whose populations within the state are highly vulnerable to loss. Species on the list are typically known from a very small number of sites within the state, and many require unique habitat for survival. This list is used to assist scientific research, environmental assessment, permit review, land management, and for educational purposes. This list is managed by the Maine Natural Areas Program (MNAP) and is under the jurisdiction of the Commissioner of the Department of Conservation.  Fact Sheets are available for all listed species.

Featured Plants in Maine

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