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The Chesapeake Conservation Partnership is a regional coalition of over 50 diverse organizations engaged in land conservation and related fields within the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Since 2009 the Partnership has connected representatives from all six watershed states and DC including federal and state agencies, local governments, Native American tribes and non-profit organizations, learn more. The Chesapeake Conservation Partnership has identified long-term landscape conservation goals for achieving a vision of a vibrant, healthy and sustainable Chesapeake region. These goals encompass values that have been documented through many public processes. They recognize all is interconnected -- a vibrant economy, strong communities, healthy people, working farms and forests, vital habitat for native wildlife, clean water, our shared heritage, recreation and quality of life.

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The 2014 Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement, signed by the Governors of six watershed states, Mayor of the District of Columbia, and the federal government, set conservation and restoration goals to achieve by 2025. These include goals for protecting an additional two million acres throughout the watershed and adding 300 new public access sites.

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